Recognizing the multidimensional factors that affect the well-being of people and the planet, the United Nations and its member states adopted, in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calling on all countries to eradicate poverty, repair inequalities and undertake climate change by 2030. The COVID 19 pandemic crisis, the world faces today, has established the existence of profound inequalities, and exposed the flaws addressed in the 2030 Agenda, constituting an unprecedented alert for a reorientation towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Florence Nightingale, whose bicentenary of her birth was celebrated in 2020, wrote much about the myriad of social and environmental factors that influence health and well-being – today designated as health’s determinants – thus identifying the precursors of the Sustainable Development Goals. Health has a central place in SDG 3: “Ensuring a healthy life and promotion of well-being at all ages” and Nursing clearly has an important role to play in regard to these goals, but also by identifying others.

The 1st INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS NURSING CONGRESS FOR THE- “ACCESS TO QUALITY HEALTH AND PROMOTION OF WELL-BEING” aims to be a space for reflection and sharing of knowledge, research and evidence-based practices, developed within the scope of care to the child and family in different intervention contexts, highlighting the contribution of child and pediatric health nursing in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Congress will take place on an online format in order to guarantee, not only the participation of the entire scientific community, but also the contribution of specialists from all over the world.


We have speakers of national and international renown, and you can join us too.

Abstract submissions are welcome (submission deadline 10 April), (rules and procedures).

Registrations accepted until April 18th.